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Dean Hili

Managing Partner

Was admitted to the bar in the year 2013, having attained a Law degree from the University of Malta, preceded by succesful qualifications in a Bachelor of Laws, and a Diploma of Notary Public. He submitted his thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Laws entitled ‘Fiduciary Obligations and the Concept of ‘Prestanome’ in Maltese Law’, which aimed to draw parallels and distinguish between modern concepts related to fiduciary obligations, and the age-old institute of mandate.

The scope of his thesis focused on the relevant sections of the Civil Code and the amendments to our trust law, which proved particularly valuable in identifying the sources of our law in Common Law, as well as in Roman Law. This allowed a thorough research on the fiduciary obligations, what the fiduciary relationship entails, and the relevant implications for the parties to fiduciary duty through case law, both in Maltese Courts, and beyond.

His main areas of practice today are in Family Law, Criminal Law, and Debt Collection.

Dean is currently serving as the Chair on the Audit Committee of the Malta Gaming Authority, entrusted to assist the Board of Directors of the Authority in ensuring good corporate governance and risk management. He is entrusted with the oversight of the accounting processes, the auditing of financial statements, internal audits as well as internal control mechanisms.